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Harrogate showroom, interior shot
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About Lapicida:
Lapicida was founded in 1984 by Yorkshire-born Jason Cherrington. It started life as a trade brand and is now an evolving luxury retail brand, boasting the largest natural stone tile showroom in Europe - a stunning 20,000 square ft.

Visit us:
We’re located just outside Harrogate, near junction 47 of the A1.

Our offer:
Lapicida understands the importance of individuality and considers itself a world class stone specialist. It ships the most sought after, finest quality natural stone, sourced from internationally acclaimed quarries, to anywhere in the world.

The showroom:
Our showroom is inspired by stone and beauty from places we know and love. From the flamboyance of Italian architecture to the awe inspiring majesty of French Palaces, every aspect of our showroom has been meticulously planned, allowing for constant reinvention. Indeed, our ranges and roomsets echo ever-evolving approaches to interior design, with our outside space impressively landscaped by Jill Sharrock, whose attention to detail is evident.

Products we stock:
 Limestone
 Marble
 Onyx
 Granite
 Sandstone
 Slate
 Travertine
 Antique reclaimed stone from Europe

We offer a wide range of floor or wall tiles in endless styles and colour, plus a bespoke service. With our Lapicida team of expert craftsmen, the most complex of masonry designs are achievable. From cantilever staircases to bespoke entrance centrepieces, our stone sweeps through every area of the showroom, demonstrating its flexibility and beauty.
Merchandising: T
he location of our showroom has traditionally dictated that Lapicida is a destination showroom. Therefore our displays need to excite, and we constantly strive for innovation. Our showroom is updated monthly - an ‘update’ can be anything from ripping up the floor, to adding a new fireplace or building a new wall.

An enclosed gallery space for hosting external exhibitions: we recently held an exclusive exhibition at our showroom, commissioned to celebrate 500 years since the birth of Italian architect Andrea Palladio (1508-1580). The exhibition was supported by the Italian government, and as well as showcasing Palladio originals, we took the opportunity to create a Lapicida range of one-off Palladio inspired pieces,

New and ever changing showroom displays: we are currently refurbishing a space in the showroom named The Apartment. The aim of this space is to showcase stone, in all its beauty, in different rooms of the house - on floors and walls; and encompassing art and statues

One-off bespoke pieces and accessories to dress the showroom: To generate points of interest we continually refresh and dress the showroom with saleable, one-off pieces of furniture, accessories and objet. We have, for example, a relationship with Fendi furniture – who also supply to Harrods – and constantly showcase pieces in our roomsets

How do customers react?
Lapicida is a business of 25 years-standing, that has been built on trust, reliability, word of mouth, repeat business and a stunning showroom, with very little advertising. To our mind, this equals a positive reaction from customers!