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Dragonfly Garden Design and Build Ltd has been awarded three RHS Silver medals at our first three Tatton Flower show enteries.
Our Tatton designs are quite innovative in fact the RHS have used images of our gardens several times to advertise the Visionary Gardens category.
In our day to day business however our designs are usually quite traditional, with stone walls and patios. Our designs are also quite reasonably priced and affordable for the average family. The design shown in the series of photos was built in July 2010, either side of Tatton flower show. The garden was incredibly over grown and uncared for when we arrived. The property had been purchased by a couple who had taken a few years redeveloping the inside and had only now taken on the daunting task of tackling the garden. They had already had a design put together by a designer, which was very boxy and unimaginative, We suggested dropping the proposed design for a flowing garden with attractive curved stone walls and a useful lawned area.
There was no access for a digger, but we suggested we make a temporary ramp out of the twelve tonnes of stone we were having delivered and we managed to squeeze a 0,75 tonne digger down the side entry. This meant we could reshape the garden and form the basic shapes to create a beautiful garden. Because we had spent most of the £10,000 budget on the hard landscaping, we had to return to the customer who managed to find a little more finance to allow us to supply a series of Box balls and some young plants to form a Japanese style rockery and an area of seddum turf.
We belive the design is almost unbelievable on the budget and are very proud of the improvement we have made to a clients garden and life.