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Roman Shield Wetroom Tanking System

Best Product of the Year (manufacture)
Roman Shield Wetroom System
Roman Shield Preformed Shower Floor
Completed Wetroom Created with Roman Shield Wetroom System

Since their arrival into the UK everybody is talking about wetrooms, everybody wants one, but some people are still reluctant to install one for the fear that it is a complex and expensive task. Wetrooms are a sought after design as they offer a true style statement which is in line with the trend of transforming the bathroom from a room that is purely function, to a hotel inspired bathroom that is a retreat away from the hustle and bustle of modern day life. Alongside the clear design aspects, wetrooms are also a totally user friendly design which offer easy access to all, no matter what their age or mobility. Within the UK we live in an aging population and as we grow older, we still look to remain in our own homes. By including a wetroom in the bathroom, it allows the homeowner to live independently in their own home for longer, whilst also looking totally stylish, moving away from the stigma associated with traditional ‘disabled’ products.

To answer this and help take the mystery out of installing a wetroom, Roman introduced the ultimate wetroom package - guaranteed to make constructing a wetroom a simple and fail safe process. The Roman Shield Complete Wetroom Kit contains everything you need to create a water tight wetroom. The kits are available in four configurations, designed perfectly for four unique wetroom situations. Each kit contains one of two Roman Shield Tanking Kits - which cover approximately 10m², Roman’s Pre-formed Shower Floor and a Roman Shield Waste.

The two options of Roman Shield Tanking kits include; Roman Primer, Roman Shield Tape, a Self-Adhesive Shower Outlet Sleeve, Roman Tanking Compound, complete Installation Instructions and a Guarantee Card. The second kit contains everything included in the first kit with the addition of; Internal Corners, External Corners and Pipe Sleeves. The kit eliminates the need to calculate the quantities of primer, tape and tanking compound required – it is all worked out for you to cover a space of 10m² (the usual showering area for a wetroom). If the showering area to be tanked is larger than 10m², then items are available separately as optional extras.

To complete the Roman Shield Complete Wetroom Kit, Roman offers you a choice of two size options for the Roman Shield Pre-formed Shower Floor; 1000 x 1000mm or 1350 x 850mm. The Preformed Shower Floor can be trimmed to size when you come to install it, so the outlet avoids joists and the off-centre waste is also designed to ease installation. The Pre-formed Shower Floor is manufactured from Roman Stone, a solid-surface, self-reinforcing material which allows you to place it directly onto the joists; it is then simply tanked and tiled over to create an ultra-modern wetroom.

Roman’s Pre-formed Shower Floor forms a central part of the Roman Shield kit. It offers the reassurance of a tray to the installer and the homeowner, whilst a true wetroom look is achieved. It is designed with a natural fall towards the waste - eliminating the need for the installer to create the drainage slope with adhesive or a levelling compound, for a quick and easy installation. It is suitable for use on timber floors, floating floors, and concrete floors, whilst also being compatible for use with tiles or vinyl flooring.

The Pre-formed Shower Floor is manufactured from Roman Stone, a solid surface material which has never before been used in this way. The technology has been developed and innovated by Roman to create this wetroom solution. Roman creates everything from the initial product design, to the tray mould, through to the finished product, in our on-site tray plant.

To make the wetroom installation process even more straight-forward, Roman also created a step-by-step video podcast, which demonstrates the installation process, to show how easy and straight forward installing a wetroom can be and to further take the mystery out of the wetroom (available on the Roman website: The kit also comes complete with step-by-step instructions, that are straight-forward to follow.

The kit is so simple to use that somebody experienced in DIY could undertake the installation themselves. This takes a lot of the cost out of the process.

Roman originally launched the Roman Shield Tanking Kit (this did not include a Pre-formed Shower Floor), but in response to customer feedback, the Pre-formed Shower Floor was designed, developed and launched to give added reassurance and to make the installation process as straight forward as possible. The Pre-formed Floor was then packaged up with the Tanking Kit to create the Roman Shield Complete Wetroom Kit.

Since its launch, the Roman Shield Complete Wetroom Kit has proved very popular as there is nothing else like it available on the market. Roman also offers an extensive range of wetroom panels, walk-ins and fully enclosed showers which can be installed in a wetroom situation, to complete the package.