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Blue Butterfly Flooring
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Lay a little Magic with BBF

Count the fish to get to the reception desk or
jump over the waves to get to the stairs.

Through the use of photography Blue Butterfly Flooring seeks to create a world that on the one hand is real and on the other – imaginary. Using digital imaging, our designs are created by effectively ‘painting with photographs’. Each image is made up of many smaller photographs enabling the creation of vast, surreal and magical landscapes.

Emily Campbell, the inspiration and creator of BBF, which has been running just over three years, is an internationally acclaimed artist. Emily has been creating flooring installations for over 25 years, with her first public exhibition in the Whitechapel Gallery in 1990. The developments in digital printing have enabled Emily to really push the boundaries in her designs, creating installations that challenge the viewer’s perception of reality.

The product range includes bespoke vinyl flooring, which entails liaising with clients to create flooring designs around the thematic of their room. As each design is made to order it also means that images can be adapted according to the use of the space, with imagery designed around furniture or footfall. Recent clients included Madam Taussads and Merlin Studios and we are currently in talks with Sea Life Centre’s. Derek Taylor installed our vinyl in a conservatory, on 60 Minute Makeover, claiming, “This is one of the best products we have had on the show”

Our photographic rugs are made from industrial grade carpet and are particularly popular with Schools and Nurseries. Designed with the National Curriculum in mind the rug designs include mini beasts or healthy eating images. The sharp print quality makes the small furry animals look incredibly realistic, appealing to children of all ages.

Stephanie Prior one of the Interior Design Team at Heals Department Store says

“In terms of design, I think Emily has created a range that is unique and definitely filling in that missing piece in the design/retail industry. Although her designs work amazingly well in healthcare centre’s, schools etc, I really feel she can offer an amazing and unusual option for residential homes, flats etc. I can definitely see this working in children’s rooms and playrooms, conservatories and even living rooms. I just love the way that no matter what angle you look at it or stand, it feels as though you are within the scene. It really is pure genius!”

Whilst Victoria Redshaw from the Trend Forecasting Blog Scarlet Opus states

But in truth it is rare indeed to discover a Designer applying their creativity to this