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Signature Carpets

Best Product of the Year (peoples' vote)
Best Flooring Collection
Superb carpet inspired by colours and shapes used in this impressive interior.
Our designs can follow any curve or perimeter including winding stairs.
Signature's handmade process allows the design to flow effortlessly through the interior.
Designs are hand painted in Signature's studio for presentation to the customer.
Dramatic large area rug fully handtufted in cut pile and delicately styled loop pile.
Inspired by the tones and design of the customer's upholstery fabric.
Technically brilliant!  Each curved step is made individually and expertly installed to ensure the border leads seamlessly up the staircase.
A truly bespoke look.
Wool carpet in velvet cut pile, features delicate floral detail in loop pile to create a 'tapestry' effect.
Each tuft is carefully placed one colour at a time.
Romantic fully handtufted bedroom carpet during the manufacturing process.
A custom dyed carpet reflects the 'wave' design in the glass floor.
Impressive rug beautifully handcrafted.  Wood and wool working together in perfect harmony.
Designs are drawn up on giant frames and carefully handtufted by Signature's talented craftsmen and women.
Softly toned contemporary border.
All colours are specifically dyed to perfectly complement the interior furnishings.

Signature Carpets has provided luxurious handcrafted and custom designed wool carpets for nearly 30 years. The family business operates from its impressive factory, design studio and showroom located in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire.

Signature's designers are passionate about design and renowned for their expert use of style and colour. We are able to offer clients any design style from the traditional to the contemporary. After an initial consultation with the customer and, in many cases with the Interior Designer commissioned by the client, Signature's designers hand paint a piece of artwork showing just how they envisage the carpet to look in its full glory. Once every detail is agreed and the carpet design is considered perfect, ready to suit its intended interior, Signature then starts to manufacture.

Signature's carpets are made to any size and without any unsightly seams, created to fit any shape, from an awkward alcove to every curve of a sweeping, spiral staircase. Hand made elements of the carpets are made upright on vertical frames by Signature's talented crafts people. The construction is 100% New Zealand wool custom dyed to the precise shades needed to make the design excel in itself and sit perfectly as a complement to the interior. Wool has always been a natural first choice for carpets and the outstanding properties of New Zealand wool which is the purest, whitest wool in the world, enables it to be dyed to long-lasting, vibrant hues and clean, fresh pastels. It is soft, strong and durable, with a natural resistance to fire, dirt and crushing, so carpets made from it will be practical, safe and comfortable, with good looks that will last.

The finished Signature product is created in dense velvet pile, sometimes with hand carved sculptured details and loop pile used to introduce variation in texture.

For final peace of mind and to safe guard customers' investment, Signature is involved from the beginning to end. The highest quality of installation is paramount and is carried out by Signature's own specialist fitters. Nothing is left to chance.